Palm Aire Gardens Rental Application Details

1. The following link will take you to an initial application that will be presented to the owner along with an offer to lease. A licensed Real Estate Agent will be in contact with you shortly after you complete the online application to complete the offer to lease and collect your identification and proof of income. Each adult 18yrs or older will need to complete this application and complete the application to the association if your offer is approved by the owner. The cost of this initial application is $30 per adult. If the owner approves your application and offer you will be prompted to immediately continue with the association application. The association will charge $100 per adult payable by money order only directly to the association. A security deposit equivalent to one months rent will also be due at this time.

2. A maximum of two (2) dogs or two (2) cats to a unit. Each shall not exceed fifty (50) lbs. Pictures of pets must be turned into the office. Unless otherwise noted by property owner.

3. Association does not allow commercial vehicles.

4. All those who wish to reside in the unit older than 18 years of age must submit to a background check.

5. All those residing in the unit, including children must be registered.

6. Your application for residency will be rejected if:
-you do not make at least 2 1/2 times the rent amount per month
-your credit score is less than 550.
-you have more than one eviction.
-you already have been evicted or you are under eviction with a unit in
Palm Aire Gardens.
-have pled “guilty” or “no contest” to any felony.
-have ever been convicted of a felony or are listed as a sexual predator
or offender.
-have felony charges pending.
-have more than 2 traffic violations (on separate incidents) in the last 12
-have more than one vehicle without proof of garage rental.

If you have any questions please contact a licensed real estate agent at 754-999-0315.

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